Monsoon brings relief from heat and sun.You get a refreshing feeling when it rains. However, with increased humidity in the atmosphere, a lot of perspiration happens, which sometimes spoils the mood. Thus, we have varied flavors for the rainy season, which match the moods. Some people like fried, hot, spicy and dry items, while some choose the healthy way to enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of the delicacies to relish in the season.cuisines

Corn or Bhutta


This is the actual seasonal food available. With the arrival of monsoon, we see street vendors on the road side baking butta and seasoning it with lemon and salt. Economical and tasty, butta can be enjoyed while walking and at ease at home. It can be enjoyed alone or with companions.



Samosa is one of the most loved snacks in the country. When it comes to monsoon, it becomes even more in demand. The rains set the mood for fried snacks like samosa, which has potato, masala, and sometimes dry fruit stuffed in it. Samosa has been also put to a lot of experimentation. People stuff a variety of mixtures in it.

           Batata Vada

Batata Vada/ Aalu Vada with spicy coriander chutney, a staple food of Maharashtra is quite popular everywhere in the rainy season. These little spheres, soft from inside and crispy from outside when combined with Pav(Bread), give you a new dish; Vada Pav. You can serve these as an appetizer or a meal or an evening snack. Not only apt for rainy season, but the train journeys are incomplete without these.



Momos are quite popular with young generation. Momos taste excellent when eaten in the rains, standing under a shop waiting for the rains to stop. The aroma of two different sauces served with momos becomes prominent in the rains.

Tea or Coffee


Tea is our social drink, and rains get us crave for it even when alone. Masala chai or adrak (ginger) chai are the best in the monsoon. Since it is relatively cool outside, our taste buds want hot tea with great aroma and flavor. People who drink coffee love to have it hot in the season.

Hot Soup



Fried food items are not liked by all as they are not good for skin, especially in the monsoon season when the body sweats a lot. Thus, health conscious people can go for hot soups, vegetable or chicken, to enjoy the rains.