In India, Biryani is synonymous with satiated sighs, smiles, and a whole lot of satisfied belly rubbing. It’s the all-in-one mughlai culinary masterpiece that will perk you up and leave you licking your fingers. We’ve culled a list from the many biryani varieties available in Mumbai and put them down for you. Bon Appétit!

Satkar Rice Plate house
Chicken Biryani (Malvan Style)

Satkar Goregaon


With such an unassuming name you wouldn’t expect a delicious spicy Malvan chicken biryani, but hidden gems always lie in the unlikeliest of places. Satkar is well versed with Malvan cuisine and seafood specialties but their biryani is certainly unique. So if you’re in the mood for experimentation with a delectable finish, do give this one a go!

Satkar Goregaon East2

Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar
Mutton Biryani

Jaffer Bhai


Jaffer Bhai has gained the affectation ‘Biryani King of Mumbai’ and for good reason. Wandering into their restaurant you are instantly hit by the delectable aromas of decadent Hyderabadi biryani. As you dig into the mutton biryani the meat literally melts off the bone because of the slow cooking. The aromatic long grain rice is perfectly blended with spices making the biryani experience one to remember and revisit! Paired with a raita, it’s a feast fit for the gods!



Noor Mohammadi Hotel 
Chicken White Biryani 


Noor Mohammadi has been making waves in the mughlai culinary world for decades from its busy bastion at Mohammad Ali Road. One among their flavoursome repertoire is the Chicken white biryani. The white masala is spicy, delectable and when paired with rice, it becomes a biryani that holds its own both in flavour and unique style.


Chicken Biryani ( Bengali Style)


When it comes to Bengali biryani in Mumbai, look no further than Hangla’s. Lightly spiced golden rice with succulent chicken, egg and a potato! For those who are blinking at the potato, calm down and try it. You’ll thank us! This biryani is best for those who love their biryani with less spice but bursting with flavour. Lose the raita and dive into this culinary adventure from the east!


Jai Hind – Hill Road
Prawns biryani


For seafood aficionados looking for a mughlai twist in Mumbai, look no further than the Prawn Biryani at Jai Hind! Fresh, juicy prawns on a bed of aromatic biryani rice and a unique blend of spices make each bite a fiesta for your taste buds. And to top it off, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re looking for an all in one, hassle free seafood experience, this is the one!