Winter is coming and we are all for the flavours that come with it. In this blog we will delve into the Undhiyu, a dish that is synonymous with winter and its bounties. The harvest of the tuval dal, the green  garlic and  the arrival of surti papdi markes the beginning of winter. The Undhiyu is also cooked during Makar Sankranti.


The word Undhiyu means ‘upside down’ and the dish gets its name from the way it is prepared in rural Gujart. The winter harvest offers up all the vegetables that are needed. These are then arranged according to their ease of cooking in an earthen pot (matla). The pots go into large underground furnaces, covered with leaves and set alight.


Some of the ingredients are green surti papdi, baby eggplants, purple kand (yam), sweet and regular potatoes, seedless kakdi (broad beans), unripe Rajagiri bananas with the skin on, sometimes green peas, fenugreek and Methi Muthiya. A rich green masala made with green garlic, coconut, coriander and chillies, moistens the vegetables while a sheet of groundnut oil helps to seal together the various flavours.


It’s not impossible to find some authentic Undhiyu in Mumbai. We’ve made a list of the best Undhiyu places where you will find the flavours intact and delicious, just like in Gujarat!