Over 29 years ago, in October of 1989, 4 highly motivated, young but experienced food & hospitality professionals–Nutan Bajaj, Hardeep Chadha, Prithipal Singh & Atul Sahni took that first step…
A combination of their skills, passion and a commitment to quality, in both food & service, coupled with a unique “team-ethic”,gave birth to Khane Khas, on 28th October 1989.While Prithipal Singh left the partnership in 1995 to follow a totally different career,Nutan Bajaj, unfortunately passed away in 2012.
A simple yet special open-air Indian restaurant… Khane Khas has always focused on honest, light-on-the-tummy yet flavorful food and personalized, friendly yet professional service.
Right from a pioneering-“unconditional, no-minimum-value”free home delivery service,to “live” BBQ parties on land, boats & yachts,to restaurant and kitchen consultancies within India and abroad,And now, a value-for-money, one-of-its-kind “buy-the-kilo” menu…
Khane Khas has been blessed by its numerous guests who have wholeheartedly & continuously supported & promoted it with their word-of-mouth fillip & honest and helpful critique.
Partners, Atul Sahni and Chef Hardeep Chadha, with their personal & hands-on involvement right from 1989, continue to nurture this no-frills yet special, friendly neighborhood restaurant and hope to make it relevant to the millennials, without changing its core values.Today Khane Khas has embarked on an up-gradation & renovation process but with a promise to stay true to its style of food preparation & service.And as we approach 2019, almost 30 years since that 1st step was taken,Team Khane Khas believes-“it’s been a journey of much more than a thousand smiles.”
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