Hailing from a traditional catering background (bhatiyara), with a total of 50 years’ experience, the founder Jafferbhai Mansuri established Jafferbhai’s Delhi Durbar in 1973 at grant Road. Now it has expanded to 8 outlets in various places with a centralised kitchen. An excellent chef, he devised all the recipes of the dishes served at the restaurant himself, with a focus on authenticity. For example, all the spices used in the restaurant’s dishes are made by hand by the chefs themselves. The chefs have aged with the restaurant, and a few have handed over the baton by personally instructing the new ones. It is with attention to such detail that Jafferbhai’s came to be known as the Biryani Kings of Mumbai.


Mutton Biryani is the number one dish ordered from the inception of the restaurant. Chicken Biryani is also popular, as are Mutton Nihari and Nalli Nihari. Though the menu has been upgraded from time to time in keeping with the times and changes in taste, the Biryanis have continued exactly as old, as they are based on the personal recipes of Jafferbhai, and still checked by him.

Nilli Nihar Jaffer BhaiKesar Finri

Keeping with the Times

While the restaurant has a dedicated clientele dating from the 1970s, the restaurant has been popular with all generations. Lots of celebrities like Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia have come to the Grant Road outlet. The Grant Road outlet is considered the most authentic, even though the restaurant offers the same quality and experience in all its 8 outlets.

Jafferbhai’s Delhi Durbar has a dedicated social media team that helps promotes our brand and keeps us in touch with the young. Although Jafferbhai is run on modern corporate principles, it has a fun work environment that comes from Jafferbhai’s own personality.

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