Tucked into a corner of Fort, Mumbai lies Ideal Corner, home of wholesome traditional Parsi cooking for over 30 years. We spoke to Mr. Parvez Patel. 

“This used to be a servicing garage for Yezdi Motorcycles till ’85 when we switched to the restaurant business. It started off as a snack bar and the’n moved to one meal a day joint, and finally to the form it is today. What has kept it alive is the value for money prices.”

“The mutton dhansak, kebab, patra ni macchi, salli chicken, salli boti and akuri (parsi style egg bhurji) are what people order here most often.”“We have people coming across from USA and Canada telling us how much they missed our food. Our favourite customer for a long time was Behram Contractor and Ideal corner was his favourite restaurant.”



“The secret lies in wholesome Parsi recipes that have been passed down from grandmother to daughter for generations. These are prepared by Yuvraj, our chef of over 30 years, to near home-made perfection. That’s why we are so consistent in our taste, although it is getting difficult to maintain because of the adulteration in the raw materials nowadays. “

When asked about changing eating habits, he says, “I love a wholesome meal but the younger generation loves junk food. But since it’s wholesome food they keep coming back to it. Our usual customers are also between 35 & 40.”




“Parsi dishes are limited and we play with the flavours we have. Since there has not been much change, they have become traditional and that’s how everyone likes it. Typically, the flavours are Indian; spicy with a dash of sweetness applied from Gujrati heritage.”

Mr. Parvez Patel is a firm believer in online presence.

“I always feel proud when I see praise for Ideal Corner on social media and I do believe that the future of ordering will be online because I will cut manpower and space costs. But for now, people love to come here and eat. That’s how I build contacts and hear about people’s opinions on our dishes.”



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