Faroma’s New Logo

The Evolution Of The Brand 

For any sustained growth, evolution is the key factor that keeps the business on an upward path in a rapidly changing environment. With this essential tenet, Faroma has evolved into a more robust and customer centric food delivery service.


The word Faroma is drawn from an amalgamation of Food and Aroma. The logo in turn, has the duty to express these words in visual form. As Faroma grew, it was felt that the old logo was focused on the delivery aspect only with its symbolism of a tiffin carrier. But while it is still a food delivery app, it has encapsulated the essence of the food experience. The restaurants under its umbrella are the most iconic in the city and their dishes have been a favourite of Mumbaikars for generations. Faroma brings the city’s best flavours right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in Mumbai.

The new logo is an embodiment of that experience. The new logo has a monogrammed ‘F’ creatively embedded into the unit. The ‘F’ stands for Faroma and creates the visual representation of an aroma wafting from a delicious preparation.