You’ve known your colleagues as much as possible since you’ve joined office. But how about that one time you came to know that your colleague and you share the same birthday, your colleague’s elder daughter is aspiring to become an IAS officer, or that one time your colleague passed on an office gossip to you over a meal. Eating with your professional mates is a good way to bond with them and take a break from otherwise busy day.


Mutton Biryani

Sun rises from the east, Earth is not flat and Jaffer Bhai makes the best Mutton Biryani in Mumbai. Certain facts are undeniably in your face and obvious. If you crave the primal urge to munch on some red meat and Mughlai specialty then look no further than Jaffer Bhai. This favourite dish of everyone will suit any corporate platter and would fill you enough to fight the Monday Blues.



Bengali Pulao

If “Paneer samaj ke khale le!” doesn’t convince your vegetarian colleague to savour the tasty biryani then maybe the rest of you could eat something Veg for a change. Well, not as boring as Paneer, but Bhojohori Manna cooks an unique dish which you need to taste right now. Bengali Pulao is a popular rice dish which has this subtle sweetness and a mild saffron flavour. It’s distinct sweetness and bright yellow hue gives this pulao a unique character of its own.


Punjabi Chole Bhature


If you decide to order lunch for your office and don’t want something which will make you sleepy as hell, affecting your work; but still want something tasty and filling then you can’t go wrong with D Sharma Punjab’s Chole Bhature.




Meal Box


If you want your office lunch to be full-fledged with rotis, rice and bhaji then that is what you get with Revival Restaurant’s Pan Indian Meal Box. This meal box is a complete package with paneer sabji, dal, plain rice, chappatis and sweet dish. No customer left unsatisfied after eating this deal of a meal.



Pineapple Halwa



 After a delicious meal it’s time for a sweet dish. Punjabi Ghasitaram’s Pineapple Halwa should appeal to every sweet tooth in your office. Cooked with sooji, ghee and pineapple, this is the only perfect way to finish off your office lunch and get back to work.