Potoba – One at Mahim and the other at Santacruz.

Many of us like cooking and love ‘ghar ka khana’. But spending long hours in the kitchen in that sweltering heat is not exactly our idea of fun. In a city like Mumbai, where we are constantly on the run, we seldom find time to cook day in and day out, and this rings especially true for office-goers, who commute long distances everyday.

We wish we could find some home-cooked style food, which is easy on the tummy and on the pockets too. But such places are few and far between. The restaurant-y food can’t be had every day and we long for simple meals done right.What if we told you of a place that does exactly that. ‘Potoba‘ is not your run-of-the-mill restaurant

The Place

‘Potoba’ means ‘worshipping the tummy’, which it does perfectly.

Potoba makes its presence felt at two locations in Mumbai. One at Mahim and the other at Santacruz. This place is not at all fancy. It believes in serving delicious food sans all the frills. Although the place is well-known for its Maharashtrian delicacies and Malvani cuisine, it has something for everyone.


Mahim: 1, Diamond Court Society, Opposite Cloud 9 Gym, L.J. Road, Mahim, Mumbai Santracruz: Tirupati Apartment, University Campus, Vidyanagari, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai

The Menu

This place is really popular among patrons for their Maharashtrian dishes. The bestsellers on the menu are:

  • Bharli Vangyachi Bhaji : Stuffed eggplants in a spicy curry. The flavour of the eggplants and the condiments are spot on.
  • Pithala : It is a dish made of Besan, which is cooked to semi solid consistency. It is served with Bhakri.
  • Fodnichi (tadka) Poli: It is a popular breakfast dish in Maharashtra. In many households, leftover rotis(poli) are tempered with various spices, garnished and served.
  • Misal: It is indeed very popular. This dish is made of sprouts, mixed with onions and tomatoes, topped with a secret Misal masala. It is spicy and tangy at the same time.
  • Kharvas: A succulent sweet steamed milk pudding made of colostrum milk i.e. First milk of a cow or a she-buffalo after she has calved.
  • Metkut Tup Bhat: Metkut is a special powder made of spices and dal. Mixed with Rice, it becomes sensational. It is the ultimate comfort food.

Apart from a wide variety of Mahastrian dishes, Potoba also serves derves delicious South Indian, North Indian and Chinese cuisine too.

So, on days when you hate the very sight of the kitchen but still crave for some simple but sumptuous food, Potoba delivers the goods. This is a place where you can head to for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

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