D Sharma Punjab, Mumbai!!!

Punjabi cuisine is not only extremely popular in India, it has spread its wings in other countries as well, most notably in the U.K and U.S. Punjab is agriculturally rich and is a major producer of rice, wheat and dairy products. In fact, Punjab’s per capita dairy consumption is highest in the country.

So, what makes Punjabi food so distinct and flavoursome? One can attribute it to its access to fresh produce and influences from its neighbouring states like Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Also, the extensive use of Tandoors, which are clay ovens, lend a smoky flavour to the dishes and lift them up several notches.

Mumbai is not untouched by the charms of Punjabi Food. But a very few manage to recreate the authentic flavours as does D Sharma Punjab.

The Place

Now, this place is no fancy 5-Star Restaurant. In fact, it is an average looking place. But it really doesn’t matter. The food here speaks for itself. The patrons swear by the authentic taste of their largely Punjabi Menu. Also, the fresh ingredients and the care taken during its preparation truly enhance the yummy-quotient.

The Menu

Now, Punjabi food can be a little heavy on the stomach for the non-regulars. So, if you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast, chances are you’ll have to skip lunch.

The best idea would be to visit the place on weekends, spend some time savouring the dishes, come back and hit the bed.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ones out of the wide variety of dishes, this place has to offer.

  • Parathas:

One can’t imagine a Punjabi breakfast without the ubiquitous Paratha. Out of about fifteen different kinds, the bestselling ones are the Cheese Paratha, Methi Paratha and Mushroom Paratha.

  • Chhole-Bhature:

No one does Chhole-Bhature better than the Punjabis. It has become synonymous with the cuisine of the state. Crispy and perfectly puffed bhature when dunked into the blackish, spicy and tangy Chhole, you are transported to another world.

  • Snacks:

If you want to have a quick bite, don’t miss the Chhole Pattice, Chhole Samosa and the Punjabi Chhole Kulche.

But if you much rather go the whole hog, lunch ideas are aplenty here. You can have their signature Dal Makhani Butter, Rajma Masala, Aloo Gobhi or Green Peas Special Masala. They are best had with crisp Tandoori Rotis or Pulao. After eating to your heart’s content, cleanse your palate and cool yourself with a tall glass of Punjabi Lassi.

A typical Punjabi meal not only fills up your tummy, it makes you smile. If good food’s on your mind, you know where to go. D Sharma Punjab is a not just a restaurant, it is indeed an experience. An experience that you want to savour over and over again.

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