Mohanlal Bechardas Aamras!!!

Imagine you being out in the sun the whole day and you come home all tired and sweating. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Something chilled right? What if a bowl of heavenly Aamras, Basundi or Shrikhand appears before you? You can’t do anything but dive right in.

Mohanlal Bechardas, located at Fort, Mumbai is a small place where you get the most divine aamras, basundi and shrikhand. Since there are no other items on the menu, all their might is devoted to these three.


Literally translated, Aamras means pulp or juice of the mango. This place sources the juiciest, sweetest and succulent mangoes for their aamras. You can either have the thick variety without any additions or have it as a shake.


This is a truly Indian dessert. It is made by thickening milk by boiling it on a low flame. It is usually flavoured with aromatics such as cardamom and nutmeg. The addition of dry-fruits makes it all the more richer.

This dessert is very popular in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. In the Northern parts of India, a similar dish by the name of Rabri is made.


This is a dessert made of hung curd. The aromatics that are usually used are saffron and cardamom. Due to the cooling properties of curd, it is an ideal palate cleanser and is perfect for the hot Indian Summer. This ubiquitous dessert is a staple in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Recommended Dishes

The Kesar Shrikhand and White Shrikhand are a favourite among patrons. As for Basundi, you can choose from Dry Fruit Basundi, Kesar Basundi and Plain Basundi.

Places such as these reinstate our faith in simple things in life. That you do not need fancy westernised desserts to finish off a meal in style. Head to Mohanlal Bechardas for a slice of ‘The Mighty Indian Dessert’.

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