Pratap Lunch Home.

Imagine your seafood cravings getting bigger and bigger during the week and all you can think of is gorging on some sumptuous seafood. You want to head to a place where you are assured of the most authentic seafood delicacies. Like many patrons who have made this place their first choice, you  just have to go to the BEST- Pratap Lunch Home.

How The Saga Started

Pratap Lunch Home was started as a Mangolorean Speciality Restaurant by Mr. K.C Amin in the year 1961. The idea behind establishing this place was to culminate various coastal food flavours. It has completed 56 glorious years in serving its patrons fantastic coastal cuisine. Over the years, it has managed to get an almost cult-like following and is known as one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. It is located at 79, Lucky Mansion, Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort, Mumbai.

The Place

Once you enter this place, you are presented with a mind-boggling variety of food. The interiors are cozy and are perfect for office gatherings, family get-togethers or being just by yourself. The air-conditioned seating area is comfortable and will instantly make you feel at ease.

The Menu

The unpretentious name of the place belies the wide variety of cuisines one can opt for. Though it is mostly known for its coastal seafood delicacies, one can find North Indian, Chinese and Mughlai specialities too.

Here are some of the most recommended delicacies this place has to offer:

  • Squid Koliwada
  • Garlic Butter Crab
  • King Pomfret/ Crab/ King Prawns/ Surmai /Squid/ Bangda Gassi
  • Pomfret/ King Prawns/ Bhangda/ Surmai Pulimunchi
  • Bombil Fry
  • Seafood Biryani
  • Crab Tandoori
  • Prawns Satay
  • Chicken/Mutton Sukke
  • Chicken/Mutton Gassi
  • Chicken Liver Sukka
  • King Prawns Chilli Roast

The thing about the tremendous success and popularity of this place is that it has stayed true to its roots. Fresh produce, painstakingly prepared and lovingly fed, you can’t go wrong with this one. Come and enjoy great food, best enjoyed with the ones you love.

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