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We are really fortunate to be living in a country with distinct regions and seasons. These regional ingredients and produce come together in a seamless harmony to create a gastronomical delight. Some exciting things are happening in the country’s culinary scene. One of them is the rise of regional cuisines. And one particular region that is upping its quotient is Mangalorean Cuisine.

Mangalorean Cuisine is largely influenced by South Indian cuisine. But this region being a coastal one, seafood forms an integral part, with fish being a staple. Celebrating the vast array of fresh seafood available along the coastline, is a place that has become synonymous with being the go-to place for authentic Mangalorean seafood- Mahesh Lunch Home.

The Beginning

Mahesh Lunch Home was started in 1977 by Mr.S.C. Karkera. Since then, this place has become an institution in itself for serving authentic Mangalorean cuisine. In Mumbai, this place has branches at Fort, Andheri, Juhu, Vashi and Thane. The food is so popular that it has opened an outlet in Dubai too.

Key To Success

A major part of their immense success comes from their no-compromise attitude towards the ingredients. Only the freshest seafood and produce and the choicest spices make the cut. They stay true to their Mangalorean roots while preparing the food. The general public and celebrities alike vouch for the utter deliciousness of the food.

Signature Dishes

Since their main focus is on seafood, the patrons swear by their signature dishes such as their Butter Pepper garlic sauce that can be paired with either Prawns, Crab or Lobster and Fish Tawa Fry.

Other dishes that are most sought after are:

  • Clams/Crab/Prawns/Squids Sukke
  • Surmai Masala Fry
  • Prawns Gassi
  • Surmai Curry
  • Kerala Veg. Stew
  • Crab/ Prawns/ Pomfret/Basa/Rawas/Surmai Sarson Maach Curry
  • Crab/ Prawns/ Pomfret/Basa/Rawas/Surmai Madurai Paruppu Curry
  • Crab/ Prawns/ Pomfret/Basa/Rawas/Surmai Sultanpuri Masala
  • Prawns/Pomfret/Meen kara Roast
  • Chicken Neer Dosa
  • Jingri Masala
  • Prawns Karawali
  • Gabuli
  • Mahesh Special Prawns
  • Bangda Fry

The thing is that this place spoils you for choice. There is something for everybody. An addition to the above, they have a repertoire of seafood preparations, prepared Chinese style. With so much variety, one visit alone will not suffice. Even after multiple visits, you’ll find something new and interesting on the menu.

Come and celebrate a gastronomical journey that will certainly leave you coming back for more.

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