Udipi Idli House !!!!

In a bustling metropolis like Mumbai, we seldom have the time to have our breakfast at leisure. We usually grab a piece of toast and are on our way. Even when we are out, we seldom find healthy eating options.

But if you could spare some time to relish a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, South Indian cuisine is a great option. Since most of the items are fermented and steamed, it makes for a great healthy option. Idlis,for instance, are generally made up of fermented batter(rice or rava) and then steamed. Paired with some piping hot sambhar or rasam and your favourite chutney, you are good to go.

What if we told you about a place that’s entirely devoted to serving a wide variety of Idlis. This place is the ‘Udipi Idli House’ in Matunga.

The Beginning

This place was started about 10 years ago, in the Matunga area in Central Mumbai. This neighbourhood is pre-dominantly South-Indian and this outlet serves as a meeting point for many locals. This place prides itself in the mind-boggling variety of Idlis.

Key To Success

This place serves a wide array of Idlis, some heard of and some truly unique. The Khotto Idlis are steamed in Jackfruit leaves and the Mudho ones are steamed in Kedki leaves. Just when you begin to open up your very own Idli parcel, the waiter puts a dollop of butter over them. The aroma is just surreal.

Another unique practice that this outlet has adopted is that a fine ofRs 13 is imposed whenever someone wastes sambhar or chutney. This dissuades customers from asking for extra sambhar or chutney if they don’t intend to finish it.

It is very popular amongst the mostly South-Indian population. Following are the best selling items on the menu:

  • Masala Idli(Sanna Khotto): A spicy Mangalorean delicacy steamed in cups of Jackfruit leaves.
  • Idli Upma: Made with crumbled Idlis, grated coconut and topped with a tempering.
  • Kanchipuram Idli: Idlis seasoned with pepper,ginger,cumin and heeng.
  • Masala Kakdi Idli: Made with grated cucumber, coconut and green chillies.
  • Butter Pepper Idli: Idlis oozing the aroma of coarsely ground pepper served with heaps of butter.
  • Oondi Sambhar/Rasam: These are seasoned and steamed rice dumplings which are called Oondi in Konkani. These are best had with a spicy coconut chutney.
  • Sevai Idli: Idlis prepared with vermicelli.
  • Daalitoya: It is a kind of a lentil soup, prepared in the Konkan region. It can be had with the different varieties of Idlis.

It is not everyday that we hear of a restaurant riding on the success of a particular item. This outlet shows us that if a particular thing is done perfectly and with passion, success is inevitable. This forever-crowded place is testimony to their food philosophy. This place is a gem, tucked away in a non-descript neighbourhood, waiting to be found by Idli aficionados.

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