India is truly called the ‘land of festivals’. Each change of season, brings with it, a beautiful festival. Holi is celebrated in the month of Fagun, according to the Hindu calender. It symbolises the end of winters and the arrival of spring.

It is usually celebrated over two days. The first day is the ‘Holika Dahan’ and the second one is the ‘Holi’, which is celebrated by playing with colours. But it is really a festival to celebrate togetherness with friends and families.

Here are a few classic Holi recipes, which you can try and make this day even more flavourful.

  1. Gujiyas:

No Holi celebration is complete without Gujiyas, specially in Northern India. They are made of a refined flour(maida) casing. Inside it, a sweet filling made up of either Khoya, Dryfruits and Sugar or dessicated Coconut and Sugar is stuffed. The complete dumpling is then deep-fried. It is crispy on the outside and has sweet and soft filling inside.

  1. Thandai:

It is a mik-based drink made of milk, aromatics such as cardamom, saffron and fennel seeds, dryfruits and spices. People sometimes mix mild intoxicants like bhaang to it. It is very refreshing and has a cooling effect on the body.

  1. Dahi-Vada:

The vadas are made of mostly finely ground Urad Dal batter and condiments and then deep fried. The Vadas are then served with sweetened yogurt and garnished with tamarind and green chutney.

  1. Dry Snacks:

A couple of weeks before Holi, ladies of the house can be seen busy preparing snacks such as Mathri, Chivda, assortment of Potato Wafers, Tapioca Wafers, Papads, Namak Pare and Shakar Pare.

  1. Kaanji:

This drink is also very popular during Holi. It is basically a fermented drink made of black carrots, salt and mustard powder. In some parts, beetroots are also used.

  1. Malpua:

No one can resist malpuas. It is made by first deep-frying the batter made of refined flour and then immersing them in sugar syrup, scented with rose water and cardamom. It can be had all by itself or with Rabdi.

  1. Kachori:

They are refined flour balls, filled with any stuffing you like. The most popular ones are Aloo Ki Kachori, Matar Ki Kachori, Pyaaz ki Kachori and Dal ki Kachori.

  1. Puran Poli:

Puran Polis are native to Maharshtra. It is like a parantha, but stuffed with a sweet filling of Chana Dal and Jaggery.

  1. Aloo Chaat:

It is made of deep fried boiled potatoes, mixed with sweet and sour chutneys and spices. The result is absolutely delicious.

  1. Samosa-Chole Chaat:

This unique combination of crushed Samosas in Chhole, garnished with a bit of sweetened yogurt, pomegranate seeds, spices and tamarind and mint chutney, is an absolute crowd-pleaser.

Serve the above dishes with dollops of love and your guests will surely come back for more. This Holi, be safe and enjoy lots. May the colours of Holi create wonderful memories for you and your family.

Happy Holi!



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