Are you a vegetarian or perhaps a staunch non-vegetarian wanting to taste some delectable Udipi food for a change? Just a mention of Udipi food will bring its flag-bearing restaurant’s name to everyone’s lip- A.Rama Nayak’s Udipi Shree Krishna Boarding. But what exactly is ‘Udipi’ cuisine?

Udipi Cuisine

This term comes from a small town in South India. This cuisine use a lot of pulses, grains , beans and vegetables. It is based on the ‘satvik’ food philosophy, hence no onion or garlic. But this cuisine may be adapted according to one’s taste and preference.

How It All Started?

Rama Nayak’s Udipi Shree Krishna Boarding in Matunga is a legendary institution, which has been serving drool-worthy South Indian food since 1942.  A. Rama Nayak, the name behind the place, began humbly. He started out by cooking for bachelors in Santa Cruz and for people staying at the Rama Krishna Mission. He started the Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding in Matunga and the menu has pretty much remained the same.

Reason For Success

The reason for the resounding success of this place is the food, which is wholesome, prepared fresh everyday and care is taken to procure only the best ingredients, which reflects in the food they serve. The place is very professionally managed. Once you enter the restaurant, you are asked whether you would like a plate meal or full meal served on a banana leaf. Depending upon your choice, you are guided to the plate section or the banana leaf full-meal section. The pocket-friendly rates are one of the main reasons for its success.

The portions in the plate section are limited except rasam and sambhar. The full meal has everything in unlimited quantities. There are different varieties of rasams. You can have the vegetables and gravy either with puri, chapati or rice. One of their most-sought after dishes is avial. Daalitoya, which is mildly spiced boiled lentil has to be ordered separately. All the dishes are prepared in coconut oil, which makes it all the more delicious.


This is a vegetarian only restaurant. All the items are available as a part of the plate or full-meal only. They both are highly recommended.

There are only few places which are known not for their ambience or fancy interiors but for what it should be known for–the food. Don’t head to this place expecting luxurious seating and interiors but to experience wholesome, delicious and fresh food. The food will not cease to amaze and satiate you. This place has to be experienced to believe the unflinching patronage it has been enjoying over the decades. It is a slice of food heaven you wouldn’t want to miss.

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