I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream. I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t like ice-cream. The creamy deliciousness, flavoured and frozen to perfection and served in a cup or cone is a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Whether you like the fruity, dry fruits or chocolate-y ones, an ice-cream is for everybody.

Ice-cream as a dessert cools you down on a hot summer day, pleases a stubborn child, brings a smile to your friend’s lips and acts as a palate cleanser after a heavy meal. But there are times, when people have devoted generations to perfect the craft of ice-cream making. Their passion has catapulted this art into culinary obsession. One such family is the Icecreamwala family, who run the legendary TAJ ICECREAM.

The Beginning

Taj Icecream is located in a non-descript locality of Bohri Mohalla in Bhendi Bazaar. This place was originally called Saraf Ali’s Icecream and was founded by Tayyab Ali in 1887. The family later took Icecreamwalla as their family name. But what makes this place stand out amongst many other icecream places in this giant city?

Success Story

The Icecreamwala family has devoted themselves to perfecting hand-made icecream making. Known as ‘sancha’, the icecream isn’t stored and is made fresh every time. The ice-cream is hand cranked each morning and is stored in iceboxes and not refrigerators.

Although, there are many flavours on offer, but the best selling ones are the fruit based ones. The owners also claim that they can customise and create ice-creams as per preference and taste. The most favourites ones for the patrons are the Sitaphal(custard apple), Strawberry, Alphonso Mango and Anjeer flavours. Since most of the fruits used are seasonal, the ice-creams made from them are full flavoured. Other flavours that are popular are the chocolate, roasted almonds and paan masala.

The Menu

Although they boast of an array of eclectic flavours, here’s a list of must-try ones:

  • Fresh Sitaphal: It is an unusual flavour. For those who don’t like their desserts too sweet, the not-so-sweet fruity graininess of the custard apple will definite appeal.
  • Fresh Alphonso Mango: Alphonso Mangoes are supposed to be premium mangoes. Imagine the luscious pulpiness of the mangoes, frozen to perfection on your palate. Instantly, you are in food heaven.
  • Fresh Strawberry: This, too, is a bestseller. Strawberries have a universal appeal. Chunks of strawberries in your icecream and you are bound to ask for more.
  • Anjeer: This is another crowd-puller. The chewy bits of anjeer and its nutty flavour will surely linger on for long.

A visit to this place is like a visit to paradise. Don’t worry about the run-down locality. It is not just a scoop of icecream, it is a scoop of history. A family legacy that has lovingly devoted itself to the forgotten art of hand made ice-creams. An experience in frozen creamy deliciousness- Taj Icecream.

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