Maharashtra is one of the biggest states in India and boasts of a huge coastline. And the populace around the coastline has developed the seafood available in plenty into what is called Maharashtrian  Coastal Seafood. This also includes the Malvani cuisine which is essentially the cuisine of the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa.

If you are salivating already and your taste buds are craving some yummilicious, fresh and authentically prepared seafood, we have just the gem for you. Satkar Rice Plate House is a one-stop destination for you. It is like a slice of food heaven.

Where: Shop No 15, Dreamland Building, Opposite Goregaon East Station, Jay Prakash Nagar.The building is a non-descript one with shops all around. A narrow staircase leads you to the restaurant. If you don’t care about the surroundings, you will surely not be disappointed by the food.

What: The menu card is quite exhaustive but offers no description of the dishes. If you are unsure of what to order, you’ll have to ask the staff. The best way is to take someone whose culinary expertise you trust.

Recommended: Although most of the items are quite popular, listed below are few items that send the patrons drooling.

  • Bombil Fry(Bombay duck is a fish and the fried version becomes the Bombil Fry)
  • Pomfret Curry and rice(it is cooked in Malvani style)
  • Tisyra Masala (clams cooked in a spicy coconut masala)
  • Mori Masala (Mori is shark in Konkani. It has one of its kind taste)
  • Crab Masala (pair it with kombdiwade for an amazing taste)
  • Bangada Fry(Mackerels marinated in a spicy and tangy curry)
  • Prawns Fry ( prawns fried in a rice flour and semolina batter, and fried to crispy perfection)
  • Surmai Fish Thali(The gravy is coconut based which is spicy and a little sour)
  • Dry Mutton Masala( Mutton cooked in a very thick, almost dry masala)
  • Chicken Biryani(aromatic rice cooked in a spicy Malvani masala)
  • Chicken Masala Vade Thali(it consists Malvani Chicken Rassa and vade)

Although the menu is primarily non-vegetarian, you have a few vegetarian dishes like the Veg Biryani, Veg Pulao and Veg Thali. Also, the Kokum Kadhi Glass is not to be missed. It helps to gulp down all the over-indulgence you might do at this place. If you order gravy dishes, it comes with an additional bowl of thin gravy and a coconut based chutney.

The menu has so many things to offer that it is impossible to truly appreciate the place in just one visit. This place will surely reveal itself in many ways in your subsequent visits.

There are a few things and places that not only fill up your tummy but satiate your soul as well. Satkar Rice Place House is one such gem. They only care about serving delicious and fresh food and that’s all we care about too, isn’t it? If on a day, you are feeling the blues, just head for this place, get your favorite dishes and the world is beautiful again. Don’t wait, just indulge!

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