Having Maharashtrian or Gujarati cuisine is like a burst of flavour in your mouth. You can find sweet, savoury, tangy, spicy all on one plate. It is like a gentle dance on the tongue. But after all those fantastic items, we need something to cleanse up the palate.

Thus, in a Gujarati or Maharashtrian thali, the sweet part or dessert plays a very important part. In this article, let us talk us about the elevation of sweets like Shrikhand and Kharwas, made from seemingly simple ingredients.



The process of making Shrikhand is pretty simple.Yogurt is tied in a muslin cloth and kept under pressure to drain off the excess liquid. To the creamy texture, sugar is added. Aromatics like cardamom, saffron, dried fruits like pistachios are added to the mixture. It is then kept in the refrigerator for the sugar to get dissolved. It is served chilled. Any other flavour according to one’s preference can be added. It is an excellent way to counteract the spiciness of a particular meal. Another variation that can be done, is by adding fruits and mango pulp.



It is a sweet delicate pudding made out of colostrum milk, given by cow or buffalo, within a day after it has calved. It is made by mixing jaggery or sugar and cardamom powder into the milk. It is then steamed and cooled. It is particularly beneficial for children as it is rich in protein and calcium.

Is reading the above setting your taste buds abuzz? Here’s our quick guide to find out the best outlets for Shrikhand and Kharwas.


For Shrikhand:

  1. Desai Bhaishankar Sweets
  1. Panshikar Mithai Kendra
  1. Ratanlal Barfiwala
  1. Sujata Uphaar Gruh
  1. Rama Nayak’s UdipiShri Krishna Boarding
  1. SpiceKlub
  1. Aaswad

For Kharwas:

  1. Aram CST
  1. Panshikar Ahar
  1. Mamledar Misal
  1. Panshikar Mithai Kendra
  1. Aaswad
  1. Highway Gomantak

In this age of machines, many of the traditional processes and procedures have been done away with. Sweets like Shrikhand and Kharwas, are best made by hand. These sweets are a classic example of taking simple ingredients like milk and sugar and transforming them into something extraordinary. Just take some time out, do some research and you will surely come up with some forgotten recipes, waiting to be discovered.


Go on, indulge!

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