It is something about the early winters and the nip in the air that announces the arrival of festivals. After Diwali and Dussehra get over, we look forward to Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December. Apart from the obvious religious connonations associated with them, these festivals give us an opportunity to connect with family and friends. To thank them for all the love they have showered on you and your family. Christmas is a festival of joie de vivre. People invite friends and family home to celebrate. It is also the time to indulge in some scrumptious food.

Many families like to prepare some family favourites. They sometimes add a secret ingredient or twist to the traditional recipes to make it all the more lip-smacking. Since Christmas is the most important festival of the Christians, listed below are a few household favorites:

Bombay Duck:


For the uninitiated, Bombay Duck is not a duck preparation but a fish curry. The Bombil fish is dried with salt. It can either be consumed fried or in a gravy. It tastes fantastic with Pav bread or Rice. You can try the following places for Bombay Duck:

Surmai Fish Thali :

Surmai Fish Thali

Surmai or Seer Fish is marinated and cooked in mildly spiced coconut gravy. Places which are really popular for this particular thali is :

Clam Sukha Ajadina:


Are you tried of eating seafood cooked in oily and spicy gravy. This dish is prepared by cooking clams with the shells on in a vessel, alongwith spicy dry masala and grated coconut. You cannot go wrong   with this. Listed below are iconic outlets serving this dish:

Prawn Curry Rice:


A family favorite around this time, prawns are cooked either in an onion-tomato gravy or a coconut milk based curry. Although, this dish is really popular and is found in most seafood outlets, the places which are most famous for it are:

Sweets & Desserts:

Sweets & Desserts

How can a festival meal be complete with yummilicious sweets and desserts. The sugar rush gives us that unmistakable festive fillip in    our step and energises us for the day. Try these iconic places that serve sweets   and desserts. They are sure to brighten up your day:

Christmas is a time to spread the cheer, love unconditionally and praying for your loved ones. A meal prepared with love and care, elevates the festive spirit. Gather your friends and family around you, surround yourself with good food and positivity. So, find your favourite food and share them with love.

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