We may eat anything from fast foods to heavy snacks, but a meal typically refers to Thali. Most of us don’t feel satiated with other foods at lunch or dinner, unless we eat a Thali. Mumbai being a hub for working class has people from multiple states making their living and living their dreams. A Thali is an ideal meal for such people who want a wholesome and tasty option for their lunch and dinner. Let’s check out the list of the restaurants you must try when in Mumbai.


Rama Nayak’s Udipi

Some restaurants are there to serve people and earn goodness as reward. One such rare restaurant is Ram Nayak’s Udipi Restaurant. It serves healthy South Indian Thali to the working class, who want hygienic and tasty food for reasonable prices. The ambience is simple, swatch (hygienic) and without any unnecessary gloss. The Thali is high on two things: taste and value.

The Thali is light and tasty, and the flavors are authentic: vegetable curries, tasty sambar, and a rasam (prepared in tomato and pepper). It comes with two phulkas and rice and a range of crunchy papads. The digestive supplements in the form of curd, chhaas (buttermilk) and sweet dishes accompany.

The unlimited meal is served on a banana leaf. There is also a limited meal option especially for people who get intimidated with large quantity of food.


Golden Star

One of the most popular Thalis in Mumbai, Golden Star Thali is a combination of Gujarati and Rajashthani (Kutchi) dishes and snacks. Like a typical Gujarati Thali, it has multiple items to relish on. The Thali in itself is a three-course meal, with starters consisting of dhokla, khandvis, kachoris, other farsan items, chaat, etc., main course as dal, dal bati, veggies (both gravy and dry), khichdi, kadi, pulao, papad, and desserts including tasty halva, creamy kheer and hot jalebi. Many frequent visitors mostly office-goers call it the King of Thalis. You can choose to have pooris, parathas (made with desi ghee) and rotis. The Thali is supplemented with a lot of options of chutneys and pickles. The buttermilk provided is really tasty and makes it easy to digest the meal.

The service is good and quick. You may not get a chance when any of your bowls is empty. The restaurant has featured in New York Times and is known now worldwide, especially familiar to Hollywood celebrities.



If you are one of those who like to try different meals but are particular about taste and flavor, visit this place to enjoy Gujarati, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian Thalis under one roof. A Thali here includes appetizers and starters, vegetables, various types of rotis and breads, a variety of rice items, sweets and salads and raita.

The Gujarati Thali offers the famous speciality Undhiyu, a mix of brinjal, potatoes, raw bananas prepared with garlic, green chillies, ginger and mix cut coriander. Maharastrian Thali features specialties like methi chi bhaji, puran poli and rai batata with bajre ki roti. If you opt for Rajasthani Thali, you can enjoy delicacies like Dal Bati Churma, Churma Laddoo, Rajasthani saagh and gatte ki sabzi. Gulab jamun, kheer and fruit custard will satisfy your sweet tooth. On Sundays and holidays, the restaurant offers even more variety of desserts and sweets.


Thackers Chowpatty

The best thing about Thackers Chowpatty is the splendid view of the Arabian Sea through the large wall-to-floor glass windows. The sunlight filling the whole ambience seems to give a warm welcome. The Authentic Gujarati Thali tastes much more fantastic when you have such a positive and aesthetic environment. The Thali starts with condiments like vegetable salad with tomato, green chutney, and sweet red chutney, papad, some lemons and pickles. This is followed by an assortment of vegetable preparations, traditional dal, kadhi and freshly prepared Indian breads, including Phulkas, Puri, Naan and Rice or Pulav. You can further calm your gut with refreshing Masala Chaas. Finally, sweet dishes form the end of the meal with chunky Aamras, Shrikhand and Raj Jamun.


Friends Union Joshi Club

A 70-year old restaurant in almost a century year old building, Friends Union Joshi Club offers delicious, hygienic food that is as good as home-cooked. The local shopkeepers and businessmen call it ‘khanaval’. The place is crowded on weekdays at lunch time.

The restaurant offers light and typical Gujarati Thali. Farsan, veggies, rotis, dal, rice or khichadi, chopped salad, chutney, pickle and chhaas (buttermilk) form the part of the meal. The taste is authentic. In the desserts, you can have gulab jamun, rasgullas, or seasonal aam ras.


So, don`t miss to enjoy and relish the amazing cuisines in these 5 best places to eat in Mumbai.


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