Faroma (formerly Food Feasts) is proud to present, the launch of the all-new Faroma app and website. You can now order all the famous food in Mumbai, whether it’s Samosa from A1 Samosa Sion or King Shawarma from Grant Road and much more from a range of iconic restaurants across Mumbai. The user friendly website with a refreshing new look promises a whole lot of exciting features to make ordering food online more fun and easy! If you thought Food Feasts was great, you’re going to be mesmerized by Faroma!

Here’s what’s new with us:

  1. New and Improved look and feel: For online food ordering in Mumbai, Faroma is King. Browse through the improved website and follow an easy 3-step process to get your food delivered to your doorstep, with no hidden charges.
  1. Easier and Convenient food ordering: The Faroma app and website allows you easy mobility between the multiple famous restaurants in Mumbai and cuisines that you can choose from. Find the food that you want, add it to your cart, and checkout by using one of the 4 payment options available to you.
  1. Dynamic Delivery: Why pay a standard delivery charge for everything you order, whether its 3km or 20km away? With the unique dynamic delivery option, pay the least amount you have to, depending on the distance between you and the food you order.  Distance based delivery charges reduce the amount you have to pay for your food and keeps every customer happy and full!
  1. Wider food options: With over 40 restaurants already available on the app and website, and a constantly expanding list of good restaurants in Mumbai, Faroma is adding new options for you every single day. Getting your vada pav and sandwich without stepping out of your house is now easier than ever!
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